Dodgeball, Sports, Jesus, Unseen Faith

This past week I had the privilege of serving as the Camp Pastor at CentriKid in Gardner Webb, NC.  The focus for the week was Ephesians 6:10-20 which is about the Armor of God.  As we looked into God’s word, the emphasis was on being BOLD for Him.  This is an area of life that I ALWAYS feel like I can improve on.  Kids came to camp who at the end of the week were prepared to be bold and share with their parents who were not Christians.  Sometimes I forget that the Gospel is truly the most important thing and get caught up with so many things that really do not matter at all.

My favorite memory from camp this past week will be a dodge ball game that I will never forget.  I walked into a gym with about 150 kids and adults playing the biggest game of dodge ball I had ever seen.  When I walked in I asked one of the camp staffers, CC, how it was going.  She said it was going great and that we were fixing to play a game of adults vs. kids and then “debrief” after the game.  Sure enough the kids vs. adults game was wild and crazy.  At the end of the game I watched as over 100 kids huddled around CC and Cody, two of the counselors.  This was actually during their free time so a “debrief” does not usually happen.  However, that evening the Holy Spirit moved in the staffers and they felt led to share.  The Holy Spirit was obviously moving in the kids as well because they sat and listened intently as CC talked about how life can be real crazy just like that dodge ball game was but that no matter how crazy it was God was always there for us.  She then quoted this verse …John 16:33 says I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace. You will have suffering in this world. Be courageous! I have conquered the world.”  She explained to the kids how we can have “unseen peace” through God and the Holy Spirit.  It was great to see God move in the lives of the kids that evening.

Another camper this week told me how they never knew that God’s word could relate to the sports they played each day.  Every day that they went to their sports track time the teacher shared some passages that went along with the drills they were doing.  Two of my favorite things are sports and Jesus!  My question for parents is this…Are our kids focused more on sports or Jesus???  They can be focused on both.  I saw it firsthand this week!

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